Submission Guidelines

Submission Guidelines 

for Virtual Village Classroom, Inc.


Thank you for your interest in Virtual Village Classroom. Our monthly online publication provides teachers and students with a reading, writing, and thinking skills program implementing the Common Core Standards.


Each month we require professional articles as well as leisure, travel, and personal interest articles.  Additionally, we need fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and reader’s theatre for early childhood, elementary, and junior high students.


In the fall of 2013, we will launch an ebook line as well.


Below you will find the guidelines for each of our needs. Please follow our submission guidelines to ensure your work is reviewed properly and with expedience.


General Submission Guidelines

  1. All submissions must be sent electronically to
  2. Submissions should be sent as a PDF document
  3. Submissions need a cover letter with the following:
  • General description of the work submitted (grade level, genre, etc.)
  • Synopsis of work submitted with word count
  • Biography of the author (keep it short and simple please)
  1. Submissions should be sent in 12 point Times New Roman and double-spaced
  2. Do your homework. Study the Common Core Standards for Language Arts (Reading)




Virtual Village publishes ebooks for children, young adults, and adults.  We are accepting manuscripts for the following:


  • Picture Books:  fiction and non-fiction
  • Middle Grade Readers:  fiction of all types, non-fiction
  • Young Adult:  fiction of all types, non-fiction
  • General Fiction: all types


Standard ebook contract applies with advance and royalty.  Replies to submissions within four weeks.