Success Stories & Testimonials

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“Every time I turn on a Weekly Writer video my kids instantly smile. Weekly Writer captures their attention in a way that is fun and meaningful. Not only do we love the videos, we love the workbook pages too! They are super fun and cover a variety of subjects! Our writing has gone from a few broken sentences to beautiful paragraphs with ease! My students now love to write and even edit their own writing!”


Morgan, 2nd Grade Teacher





“The RIP stories are a nice time filler as it is usually asking them to read and comprehend about subjects that are cross-curricular and apply to math, science, art, etc. I have found the actual writing part to be very helpful. It shows them step by step how to brainstorm, plan and organize their writing piece. It has made it easier for me to know exactly what to grade them on also since it breaks it down into exactly what is expected.”


Jessica, 5th Grade Teacher




“We have been using Weekly Writer since the beginning of January. Our students are becoming better writers every day. We use the video to begin each week, and for the students to get an example of the writing we will be working on. I then write an example along with the students to show that the writing process takes time and work to get it to its best form. Thank you for this program which outlines and demonstrates good writing and has helped even our weakest writers become more confident.”


Shona, 4th Grade Teacher




“My teachers really like it!!  With writing being such a critical skill set and a part of AZ Merit, I think this is a great tool to assist students with their writing and I have seen the results in our prototyped classrooms that use this.”


Dave, Principal




“Our students look forward to Weekly Writer lessons. They enjoy watching Mr. Butler’s videos and are curious to know what their next writing topic consists of. We see our students using the steps to the writing process now, more than ever. The program has an effective balance through Conventions, RIP and Write and Application to ELA standards. Weekly Writer is teacher friendly. We use the program with all students in our school, grades Kindergarten through fifth.”


Deborah, K-5 Reading Specialist





“Weekly Writer is an asset to Cherokee Elementary School. It provides professional development for our teachers on engaging reading, writing and thinking skills that match the Common Core Standards. The teachers love it because the monthly lessons give the students an opportunity to write across the curriculum in language arts, math, science and social studies. I love it because it gets the teachers and students excited about writing and the students are better prepared for the open-ended questions on the ARMT.”


Pam, Principal




“Weekly Writer has enabled me to embrace and engage my students with learning techniques that spark their imaginations. A child’s mind is like a dandelion…new ideas don’t create learning unless they are spread by a unique teaching breath of fresh air.”


Regina, 2nd Grade Teacher




“As a teacher, I have been integrating Weekly Writer in my reading and writing program. I’ve been able to slide it right in with our regular reading series and it’s a great supplement to use as far as writing goes… The internet makes it very easy to help me plan lessons a week in advance. I’m able to access any video lesson of Mr. Butler’s and I can watch it. He’s my model of how to teach it. There are times that I’ve pulled up the videos and my students have viewed them themselves… I’m very excited to say that we got our writing scores back from our school systems writing test and my children scored high above average. I know this is all due to using Weekly Writer.”


Andi, 4th Grade Teacher




“This online writing resource is amazing! Navigation between grade levels is simple through the home screen. The writing content contains topics suitable to all grade levels while holding the interest of the students. Weekly Writer has given me the freedom to teach writing at a variety of levels. My students love watching the videos! Documentation of Common Core is included in every lesson, therefore I don’t have to do the correlations. I love having access to past issues at my fingertips to use with my students. The lessons are great to use in a small group setting.


Kimberly, 6th Grade Teacher