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Weekly Writer

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Weekly Writer is an online, cloud-based curriculum resource which focuses on proper writing instruction and critical thinking skills. Its goal is to empower students to ask great questions, teaching them to think inside and outside of the box. There are a total of 36 weeks of instruction for each grade level.  Each week the lessons contain the following components:

  • Let’s Write: The main writing lesson- In this element, Mr. Butler, founder and creator of Weekly Writer, models the process of writing for students through a video.  Each lesson is taught in one of the four modes of writing: descriptive, narrative, explanatory, and argumentative. The foundations of writing are laid in this lesson so students are more successful completing other writing assignments which involve higher order thinking skills.

  • Conventions: This element focuses on the mechanics of writing such as grammar, editing, and revision.  Our goal is to help students make the connection between these lessons and writing. 

  • RIP & Write: This element connects reading comprehension to writing not only in ELA, but also in math, science, and social studies.

  • Application: Skills learned by students throughout the week are applied within this element.

  • Source writing:  This element is a culminating lesson for the week.  In it, students are asked to analyze different sources and then write an essay while citing information from the sources.  Typically the essays are argumentative or explanatory in nature.

All lessons provided in Weekly Writer work well for whole and small groups as well as personalized learning and individualized instruction platforms.  Although aligned with Common Core Standards, all educators, no matter their preferences, can benefit from this program. The publications are easily navigated through for all educators, no matter their technical skill level.

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