Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Yes. “Connections” is a monthly professional development update that uses current events and additional content to help teacher’s sharpen their skills in teaching writing.

  • Our writing program works very well with other programs. Weekly Writer is first and foremost a resource for teachers to be utilized. We equip you with plenty of tools to use however you’d like while guiding you towards suggested methods. This makes our program flexible, unlike many of the writing programs on the market currently.

  • Yes, visit to see your options for having Mr. Butler come to your school and talk to your faculty about using Weekly Writer.


    Mr. Butler is also available for a virtual session through a best practices webinar.

  • No, you do not. We have written the content to be distributed in succession throughout the school year, so we do believe that it is best to teach it chronologically, but Weekly Writer is first and foremost a resource, not a mandatory curriculum. You as the teacher have the right use it how you wish, so content stands alone week to week, but also serves well as year-long curriculum.