Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Weekly Writer subscriptions begin at $500 per user per year. Volume pricing for as few as 3 users starts at $350 per user per year. For more information on our pricing options, please visit

  • Weekly Writer contains 36 Weeks of lessons for grade levels Kindergarten through Eighth. Each week contains 5 elements, something you can use each day of class for the entire school year. Inside of those lessons you will find video lessons modeling the process of writing and teaching writing along with conventions, application lessons, reading comprehension and writing, source and comparative text writing, cross-curricular writing, and hours of professional development.

  • Weekly Writer is the premier product of Virtual Village Classroom. It is a 36-week online Writing Program designed to make students better writers, readers and critical thinkers. It is developed by Darren Butler, an author of young adult novels and a writing specialist.