Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Yes. In each week of lessons, we provide assessment tools for the teachers to utilize as well as answer keys to the students’ questions. We also provide information on how to use student-driven rubrics to assess their students’ progress.


    Currently, Weekly Writer does not have a self-contained learning management system for grading.

  • Yes. Each week provides additional passages for students to analyze and write follow-up paragraphs.

  • Yes. Our RIP & Write segments connect the importance of reading comprehension and writing through cross-curricular, fiction and non-fiction passages paired with challenging questions and Darren Butler’s specialized RIP (Read, Interpret, Predict) reading comprehension method.

  • Author and writing specialist Darren Butler Butler models the writing process for students, showing them how to brainstorm, plan, write, and revise & edit each piece of writing while showing teachers effective methods of communicating every mode of writing.

  • Yes. Weekly Writer contains passages, prompts, and content that challenges your students to write in every subject.

  • Yes. Every lesson is aligned with particular standards, which are listed for you in your teacher’s guide. If your school is not aligned with common core standards, you can still utilize the program just as effectively.