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April 28th, 2015 by Virtual Village Classroom

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elementary writing programLame duck is often a term associated with the time period after an election but before the new elected official takes office.  The official who remains in office during this time is said to be “lame duck” because they don’t have a lot of pull to get things done because people are looking at what’s to come.

For the majority of American students, standardized testing is over for this year.  Teachers often feel a sense of relief that it’s over, but anxiety over the scores of their students.  You may feel there is nothing you can do to influence those scores this year, and you’re actually correct.  But, what if we could change the attitudes of every teacher across the nation?  During this “lame duck” period in school, teachers could maximize learning with their students in order to propel them into the next school year.  This would help the teachers we are handing our students to the next school year in jumpstarting their year.  If every teacher did this, it could make a huge difference in what our students accomplish each year. 

Don’t let things slip through the cracks these final few weeks of school. Every moment you have with your students is a teachable moment.  Your students (and  you) may be tired, and you may have to get more creative with your teaching methods to maintain student attention.  Regardless of what it might take, it will be worth the effort to maximize every moment of your school year. 

Looking for some creative ideas?  Simply have a conversation at the lunch table with your colleagues.  Brainstorm ideas that will help your students be prepared for the next grade level.  You could even try getting ideas from your students.  They are almost always quick to offer suggestions of how to make learning fun! 

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