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March 16th, 2015 by Virtual Village Classroom

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In the Common Core Standards there are seven things used to describe what a college and career ready elementary writing programstudent will look like concerning reading, writing, speaking, listening, and language.  I am rather impressed with these descriptions.  These are amazing expectations for our students and it is well worth pushing them to achieve this level.  One of the College and Career readiness descriptions states the follow:

They build a strong content knowledge

Students establish a base knowledge across a wide range of subject matter by engaging with works of quality and substance. They become proficient in new areas through research and study. They read purposefully and listen attentively to gain both general knowledge and different discipline specific expertise. They refine and share their knowledge through writing and speaking.

What does this look like in your classroom?  What can you do to make sure students are advancing toward reaching this goal by the time they graduate?  Whether you teach 1st grade or 12th, you play a role in developing young men and women who are ready to proceed to college or enter the workforce.  We need to spark the interest in our students to help them become lifelong learners; people who are willing to go the extra mile to stay on top of the latest technology and other advances in their field. They’re willing to share their ideas with others through written word and speech. Producing students who possess these skills will make them qualified for any work force or college setting. Although it takes practice to become proficient in these areas practicing the skills in school will help them to be better prepared once they leave our campuses.

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