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December 4th, 2014 by Lee Taylor

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Practice, practice, and more practice is one of the best ways to make your students better writers. One way you can give your students more opportunities to write is to create a classroom newspaper. Get all students involved in the writing process by having them choose articles they would like to write for the paper. Be sure to have an editor (or group of editors) to put the final approval on all articles. If you publish it digitally, you will not have any additional costs related to printing. There are many free web resources which will allow you to download templates for classroom newspapers.


To begin, you will have to decide a few things:
How often should I publish the class newspaper?
This is a question for you, as the teacher, to determine. You know how much time you have to dedicate to this project. Consider starting out with a quarterly edition or one, every other month. You don’t want to overwhelm everyone, but you also don’t want it to be so long between editions that your students lose interest.
What articles should be included?
Brainstorm a list with your students and vote on what they want to include. Some ideas might be: school sports news; Star Student highlight; accomplished classroom or individual reading (or other academic) goals; book reviews; interviews with students and/or school staff; town news; celebrate birthdays.
How do I divide the writing assignments?
Make sure all students have an opportunity to be a part of every edition that is published. However, rotate their assignments. Make sure they all have an opportunity to write an article, be an editor, and contribute illustrations and/or photographs.
What format will we publish in?
There are two main options: print or electronic. In most cases the electronic form will make the most sense. If parents choose to print each edition, they would have that opportunity. You need to research free online templates to use to create your newspaper.
Don’t delay! Get your students excited and begin the process right away!

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